Industry News

‘Eye opener’: taxes take up more than a quarter of strata premiums

Peak body Strata Community Association (SCA) has again pressed for the removal of taxes on insurance products as a report it commissioned reveals more than a quarter of strata premiums went to government levies such as stamp duties.

New laws by NSW Government to end blanket ban on animals in apartment blocks

While the current lockdown has highlighted the importance of pets in providing companionship within families, fresh laws by the NSW Government will herald a new era for strata living.

Government, building managers prepared for high-rise COVID risk

The Strata Community Association ACT has just issued a guide to buildings managers on preventing an outbreak and what to do if there is one. SCA ACT president Shelley Mulherin said their member’s-only Best Practice Guideline to COVID-19 & Apartment Living was a practical guide to ensuring the building kept running, and staff and residents […]

Fears apartment theft is on the rise in Melbourne as workers return to the office

As millions of Melbournians returned to their offices, some properties experienced a spike in theft. SCA (Vic) President Gregor Evans spoke to Nine News in June about the role that residents, owners and strata management play in keeping strata communities safe.

Concerns raised in Senate Estimates over the safety of products used in Australian buildings

Federal Senate estimates have recently heard concerns outlined by industry groups over the safety standards applied to products used in the construction and maintenance of Australian buildings.

Why Apartments could be the New Quarter Acre Block

For more and more Western Australians, the Great Australian Dream of home ownership is being realised through owning an apartment. SCA (WA) President Catherine Lezer explained how this dynamic change has taken place.

What does an owners corporation (body corporate) do and how much do they cost?

One in five Australians live in a strata-titled property today. SCA (NSW) President Chris Duggan and SCA (Vic) President Gregor Evans spoke about how owners corporations work, their purpose, benefits to owners and residents, and costs to engage.

Federal government announces reinsurance pool to cover cyclone damage in northern Australia

The Morrison Government announced the establishment of a $10 billion Reinsurance Pool and $40 million Strata Title Resilience Pilot Program. SCA has long advocated for the establishment of a reinsurance pool and is actively engaged with the Federal Treasury working on the design and delivery of each program.

Spotlight on strata laws as apartment demand surges

Revised strata laws implemented in Queensland in March 2021 have increased the profile and attention by homebuyers to this sector of the property market.

Federal Government Budget Support for Apartments

Following tireless advocacy from SCA, the Morrison Government announced in April its intention to extend the eligibility criteria for the successful HomeBuilder stimulus package in the 2021-22 Budget.

Strata office investments hitting new highs

Investments into office spaces within strata-titled buildings in the major capital cities has increased recently, indicating increased confidence that the market will bounce back from 2020’s lows.